Thursday, September 18, 2008

Oppression, and Do We Have It!?

The signs of being oppressed are all here. Just like the signs of a cold, you may have one or two or maybe all of them at once, sometimes they don't show up till a later time. Sometimes they are so common that you get use to the idea and shrug it off like it's no big deal until it gets worse that is...

Today's American society is far more worried about obtaining a false sense of wealth rather than what some call true power. The wealth advertised in the media displayed to the united states citizens is just a mere smoke screen to what having true wealth or power is really like. These same people also known as the elite call most if not all of the shots dealing with our economic, political, and social decisions as a nation by what I'd like to call Mass Distributor Influence. That is basically when one or more persons with a highly ranked economic and/or political, and/or social status has enough power to influence one or more huge corporations to shift the direction they are going, whether it be a message or product, creating a domino effect among all the businesses affiliated with the huge corporations to benefit the common interest of the elite. Which there after the products and/or message of these corporations either have a negative or positive effect. Most often a negative effect that is unknowing to the consumers that ignorantly support it and therefor support the elite's interest and agenda.

This is definitely one of the major ways we are oppressed, by the controlling of products whether tangible or not (information) we are further oppressed by the lack of debate of these issues and the erosion of civil liberties such as freedom of speech. These are most certainly no the only ways the people of the united states are oppressed and we are certainly one of the less oppressed compared to other less fortunate countries, but the guilt resulting from the actions of these corporations should not be thrusted upon the minds of this countries citizens when they are unknowingly contributing to the demise of other countries and their people. Instead they should be made aware of these actions and be allowed to judge for themselves whether it is right or wrong to support the elite and leave it up to people of other countries to see that our country is made up of a variety kind hearted people with individual ideas that are rendered unselfish and that the people hurting the less fortunate countries (a.k.a. corporations) and if anyone should be held responsible it should be the ones oppressing the less fortunate countries as well as the ones that oppress the citizens of the United States.


  1. "we are certainly one of the less oppressed compared to other less fortunate countries."

    I would suggest that your perspective on this might be different depending on who you are. The millions of young African-American men caught up in the "criminal" "justice" system might disagree, for example. Or anyone who has demonstrated against any part of the elite process here (or even appeared somewhere to witness this) -- such as Amy Goodman. Or any of the folks who have gone to fight in another country -- for the third time in five years -- to hold the status quo in place. Or any of those whisked away and tortured through "extraordinary rendition." Etc., etc., etc. Part of the repression is that we HAVE TO stay under the radar to avoid attack. And that, of course, lets the repression grow.

  2. well i was speaking in a generalized manner we are far less oppressed than say countries like Mexico or Haiti. Those views are rather subjective i was just mentioning one way we are all oppressed and those african american men whether knowing it or not were probably defying that oppression as well as those who demonstrate against it. those in the military are most of the time entering the military as a last resort other wise who in their right mind would fight for oppression if they knew the truth? If it was my choice to either not go to college or join the military and go to college, the choice is obvious to me, NOT! but maybe those others are taught that it's the only way when clearly it is not. now would'nt you consider that informational oppression? I do!