Thursday, December 31, 2009

FEAR pt. 1

Can you see how our fears are organized and specified?
We are taught to live life by the standards of lies
They make us fear what’s going on in our streets
So that we will forget about the injustice in the Middle East
Women walking to their cars are so afraid of blacks
That they carry anti rape weapons prepared for attack
The truth is most women are raped by family or a friend
So on the streets is not where the problem begins
Just like cancer sources are already recognized
It’s the products of those who manufacture the lies
They tell us to fear what is not the truth
So they can sell us their story as a substitute
How long will we wait to get an answer to why
We live in fear till the day we die
I’m sick of all the fake revolutionaries getting in my way
Telling me to chill and wait another day
We‘ve done enough waiting and we can get the answers now
It takes all of us to take back the power!
It takes all of us to start to understand
That with every commercial there’s a hidden plan
The common folk would begin to revolutionize
And strip away the pollution from within their minds
The fear for years that has been holding them back
Will become nothing more than fuel for their attack
And those who sit back and watch will not be glorified
Shit you’d be lucky live the rest of your life
Because the fear that stopped you from the start
Will begin to rip your corrupted soul apart!

Thursday, December 17, 2009


It’s been decades since I was brought into this world
And many more years since revolution’s had its’ turn
Because there are still people too blind to see
That our system teaches us a self fulfilling prophecy
The majority of people buy into the same type of propaganda
That Hitler and Stalin used as racist commanders
But now it’s called something else by those who use it
They changed the name to television so don’t confuse it
They show subliminal messages of racism, hate, and greed
As the bright lights dilate your pupils to see
What they want us to think is right and the norm
But it’s a type of control that they’ve formed
Starting from birth we are taught to play a role
We are told its natural but it’s really for control
Take some time to look back to our history and other cultures
You’ll see a variety of genders and different colored lovers
You see the worlds never been just black and white
And this country is not an exception so get it right
Studies show poverty brings crime in on its back
So to blame a race for it we know that shit is whack
In the 1800s Native Americans lost most of their land
And were encouraged to enslave some Africans
And Adopt European Christian ethics
In order to save their lives and be protected
Learned how to pick and choose
Which bible verses to follow and which ones to lose
Just like the southerners who took lives and also worshiped Christ
Shot the heads off kids and didn’t think twice
So remember when you fools are praying to your man made god
Of all the innocent people who suffered and died.

The Patriarchy

Growing up as a male it took a while to realize
That I live in a culture where men are always on top
And women aren’t suppose to question why men have more power
Men don’t see the truth because the media blinds them more by the hour
And ignorant people sit by thinking everything is alright
Well its not you stupid fucks otherwise there wouldn’t be this fight!
A struggle of power that shines brighter every day
Clearing away the old ignorance for equal rights and equal pay
If too much power is obtained by some then it can corrupt them all
A seeing eye that won’t let us see but will let us fall.
So when someone asks you do you believe in equal rights?
If you truly think so then you are a feminist for life!
3 percent of babies are born both male and female
The government hides this to make the patriarchy harder to derail
We buy into their propaganda and ideas of how we are suppose to be
Because it’s easier to go along with it then be who we want to be!
Having male genitalia doesn’t make you any better
It’s just like when white American’s were plantation slave masters
One group being oppressed by another
Both sexes being controlled by big brother
Illusions put in place to make everything seem right
To allow men to exploit women every day and night!
Tell me what seems fair about men getting paid more
Or women selling their bodies and becoming disease infested whores?
There is no justification to male dominancy
And if you think this is a lie then ask why you can’t see?!
Because the only reason you would have a problem with this
Is if you think this threatens your idea of manliness
For once stop thinking about only yourself
And think about making life better for everyone else

The Invisible

They call me the tea master
Always brewing up shit to save the disaster
Faster! I move with quickness
Leaving no one behind to wonder and witness
Jammin on the time I saved to write a rhyme
Getting higher on the notes as the minutes fly
This beat is inevitably going to pulse in your ear
But it’ll only happen once so record what you hear
Before people never use to think about getting fat
Now Americans take speed filled pills and smoke crack
The poor person’s entertainment is prescription pills
And the middle class crack is drooling over the show the hills
A fat persons’ exercise is lifting up the remote
To watch Christians persecute gays and recite biblical quotes
While the invisible men are pushing us slavery made devices
And smuggling drugs into our country for black market prices
Remember you always get what you pay for
When you buy slave made products at the retail store
Slaves who are trapped by the same people that make sex a commodity
Who steal your money in our consumer based economy
Leaving everyone in their path raped
Making sure all your actions are video taped
Before their invisible hand comes in to take you
They make sure there’s no way left they can rape you!


I wake up in the morning and I try to figure out
What went wrong did I lose myself?
Is that everything is continuously changing?
Or in my head my memories are constantly rearranging?
With every single day that passes me by
I look back and I wonder and I ask myself why
Didn’t anybody stop!? and try to realize
that we repeat the same motions and our lives are a lie
As if that’s how its supposed to be
Waiting for all the blind folk to open their eyes and see
Well I’m changing and so is the world but
I’d be a damn fool to keep my mouth shut
Some folk say I’m too demanding, I want people to start changing
I want business to come back and stop outsourcing
So ill tell you my thoughts and show you that I’m not afraid
And if you want to follow or lead, then go ahead !
Don’t only blame the powers that be for all the destruction
It is us who sits by and allows their pollution
And when you’re sick and tired of being the only one
Rise up throw your ideas out, but still have your fun
Step back and watch their motives change
If nothing else happens, you’re not the only one to blame
Remember if no one out in the world is loving you
At least you know that to yourself you’ll always be true

And the world goes on…
As life goes on…

It seems like there’s too many people doing blaming
And not enough people doing the changing!
When will the world come to realize
That the number one country hides behind a disguise
Its like Halloween 24/7
Except underneath is the fucking ugliest section
It’s as though the whole world has an infection
And the worst spot, is this spot! the most corporate
I always wonder where are the Revolutionaries?
The activist and the humans rights armies
It’ll be a sad day…
When you hear that the last of the open minded passed away
I’ll be damned if I let that happen
As long as I’m here I’ll keep my mind clean and mouth rappin
I wont ever let it be in my time
And when I leave this world I’ll pass on my rhymes
Metaphorically speaking that’s how ill keep the torch going
I’ll make sure that the young and old are always knowing
About the corporate lies and the hate crimes
On countries and people who want peaceful lives
I dare any of you to try to stop me,
I’ll hail down on you with a mirage of lyrical bullets hard
and swiftly.
Hopefully it’ll never come to that
I rather chill with my homies, make progress, and kick back
Because right now it’s a lonely world
There’s so much poverty it could start take us all over
So keep protesting their profit over people plans
I have faith one day our earth will be in better hands

And life goes on
As the world goes on…


In a world filled with Desperate Times
and from Birth to Death people are Fed ignorant Lies.
Where the Unification of those who Seek Change
Is stratified and rearranged.
Who will be the ones to put Others Before them self?
The ones willing to Sacrifice their commodities and health!
Remind the World that everything is Not that Nice
Fight Back to bring People in Poverty paradise!
Social change is Not a walk in the park
Nor is it Hiding in shadows or in the dark.
I hope when these Words Reflect off the walls of your skull
in the place occupied by your Brain which will Never be Full
You Find something Inside that Calls to resist
This is a Call to Raise Arms and your Consciousness.
Start speaking the words that Cant be Erased
Time is Running out so yes this is a Race!
Unite those who Protest and those who don't consent
Watch where your Energy and Time is Spent.
This is a Call to Raise Arms and your Consciousness
Now Search Inside for the Courage You do Possess.

Rapist Blinds

Now that my eyes are eternally open
I wont stop my thoughts from being provokingly spoken
And I can see who lives their life on a leash,
And none of them deserve the privileges that they reap.
Like the fraternity jocks who can never show some respect
And even though their infected they’ll never tell the rest
It’s a shame 1 out of 4 women in college get raped
By the same horny fucks that will proudly say
The sororities need to hurry up and convert some more hos,
Because the unused sexual commodities are running low.
You can try to burn me back but you know it's the truth,
And if this hurts your feeling then this must be you.

It makes me sick to think of this idea in your head,
That women are only for sex from birth till death.
You’re a victim of your own sexes social bigotry,
So I dare any of you to take a stab at me.
Try to justify your actions of upper class breeding,
And ill open your eyes and show you you’re culturally bleeding.
You’re taught its just the way it is to commoditize women,
And leave them there lying as hopeless victims.
I hope one day you can see through those blinds,
The ones that say rapist over your eyes.
Don’t try to change me because I can never return
Back to the mentality that I unknowingly learned.

Instead I’ll fight back till the day your mind is disarmed
And I’ll show you the damage you’ve selfishly done.
Like the corporate execs who destroy villages for fun
And the right wing media who justified Vietnam
Don’t forget about the historians who changed our past
So that the youth could grow up as an ignorant mass
Maybe you’re one of them who doesn’t know the truth
And will take my words for granted and live your life as a tool
But I’m telling you now that this is not a lie
So you can live consciously and be at peace when you die
Because the odds are from death there is no return
So fight back motherfuckers or forever you’ll burn.