Thursday, December 17, 2009


In a world filled with Desperate Times
and from Birth to Death people are Fed ignorant Lies.
Where the Unification of those who Seek Change
Is stratified and rearranged.
Who will be the ones to put Others Before them self?
The ones willing to Sacrifice their commodities and health!
Remind the World that everything is Not that Nice
Fight Back to bring People in Poverty paradise!
Social change is Not a walk in the park
Nor is it Hiding in shadows or in the dark.
I hope when these Words Reflect off the walls of your skull
in the place occupied by your Brain which will Never be Full
You Find something Inside that Calls to resist
This is a Call to Raise Arms and your Consciousness.
Start speaking the words that Cant be Erased
Time is Running out so yes this is a Race!
Unite those who Protest and those who don't consent
Watch where your Energy and Time is Spent.
This is a Call to Raise Arms and your Consciousness
Now Search Inside for the Courage You do Possess.

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