Thursday, December 17, 2009

Rapist Blinds

Now that my eyes are eternally open
I wont stop my thoughts from being provokingly spoken
And I can see who lives their life on a leash,
And none of them deserve the privileges that they reap.
Like the fraternity jocks who can never show some respect
And even though their infected they’ll never tell the rest
It’s a shame 1 out of 4 women in college get raped
By the same horny fucks that will proudly say
The sororities need to hurry up and convert some more hos,
Because the unused sexual commodities are running low.
You can try to burn me back but you know it's the truth,
And if this hurts your feeling then this must be you.

It makes me sick to think of this idea in your head,
That women are only for sex from birth till death.
You’re a victim of your own sexes social bigotry,
So I dare any of you to take a stab at me.
Try to justify your actions of upper class breeding,
And ill open your eyes and show you you’re culturally bleeding.
You’re taught its just the way it is to commoditize women,
And leave them there lying as hopeless victims.
I hope one day you can see through those blinds,
The ones that say rapist over your eyes.
Don’t try to change me because I can never return
Back to the mentality that I unknowingly learned.

Instead I’ll fight back till the day your mind is disarmed
And I’ll show you the damage you’ve selfishly done.
Like the corporate execs who destroy villages for fun
And the right wing media who justified Vietnam
Don’t forget about the historians who changed our past
So that the youth could grow up as an ignorant mass
Maybe you’re one of them who doesn’t know the truth
And will take my words for granted and live your life as a tool
But I’m telling you now that this is not a lie
So you can live consciously and be at peace when you die
Because the odds are from death there is no return
So fight back motherfuckers or forever you’ll burn.

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