Wednesday, June 24, 2009


In broader context people seem to think that individualism is merely trying to be different from their family and peers, but that train of thought is only one of many preconceived mindsets that is enthralled and fixed into our society. It is a result of people only being aware of their immediate surroundings and influences and not the context in which engulfs us all (meaning everyone in the world). The problem with this idea of individualism is that they are trying to experience something other than what is expected of them but it’s limited to their little bubble of comfort. In order for them have a broader perspective and understanding of their self, their culture and their world it is almost necessary to look at ones self from the outside, as if you were looking down on the planet from outer space and you see yourself and every action you do compared to every action everyone else does. Only then may you understand your part in the greater society of the world. It’s kind of like a puzzle, but this puzzle has billions of pieces and is extremely complicated. In that case being an Individual would certainly be a hard task to achieve. Trying to obtain true individualism is a sort of self curiosity that many people lack due to their fear of rejection by society (aka the puzzle’s picture). One can only truly understand how the world works once they understand how it is that they work in the world and if you so choose to be an individual and you achieve it, you will certainly find that it is not easy and the odds are against you, but there is still hope! If enough people like yourself choose to follow the same path as you, then you can create a new puzzle, one that lays on top of the old one you use to be a part of, a layer of hope I call it. With this layer of hope their will be new pieces and a new picture, but once again you are no longer an individual. So tell me is that truly what you want, to be an Individual? Or do you want to find more people who fit into the same part of the puzzle as you? Don’t worry this question has no right or wrong answer just a solution.