Thursday, December 17, 2009


I wake up in the morning and I try to figure out
What went wrong did I lose myself?
Is that everything is continuously changing?
Or in my head my memories are constantly rearranging?
With every single day that passes me by
I look back and I wonder and I ask myself why
Didn’t anybody stop!? and try to realize
that we repeat the same motions and our lives are a lie
As if that’s how its supposed to be
Waiting for all the blind folk to open their eyes and see
Well I’m changing and so is the world but
I’d be a damn fool to keep my mouth shut
Some folk say I’m too demanding, I want people to start changing
I want business to come back and stop outsourcing
So ill tell you my thoughts and show you that I’m not afraid
And if you want to follow or lead, then go ahead !
Don’t only blame the powers that be for all the destruction
It is us who sits by and allows their pollution
And when you’re sick and tired of being the only one
Rise up throw your ideas out, but still have your fun
Step back and watch their motives change
If nothing else happens, you’re not the only one to blame
Remember if no one out in the world is loving you
At least you know that to yourself you’ll always be true

And the world goes on…
As life goes on…

It seems like there’s too many people doing blaming
And not enough people doing the changing!
When will the world come to realize
That the number one country hides behind a disguise
Its like Halloween 24/7
Except underneath is the fucking ugliest section
It’s as though the whole world has an infection
And the worst spot, is this spot! the most corporate
I always wonder where are the Revolutionaries?
The activist and the humans rights armies
It’ll be a sad day…
When you hear that the last of the open minded passed away
I’ll be damned if I let that happen
As long as I’m here I’ll keep my mind clean and mouth rappin
I wont ever let it be in my time
And when I leave this world I’ll pass on my rhymes
Metaphorically speaking that’s how ill keep the torch going
I’ll make sure that the young and old are always knowing
About the corporate lies and the hate crimes
On countries and people who want peaceful lives
I dare any of you to try to stop me,
I’ll hail down on you with a mirage of lyrical bullets hard
and swiftly.
Hopefully it’ll never come to that
I rather chill with my homies, make progress, and kick back
Because right now it’s a lonely world
There’s so much poverty it could start take us all over
So keep protesting their profit over people plans
I have faith one day our earth will be in better hands

And life goes on
As the world goes on…

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