Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Invisible

They call me the tea master
Always brewing up shit to save the disaster
Faster! I move with quickness
Leaving no one behind to wonder and witness
Jammin on the time I saved to write a rhyme
Getting higher on the notes as the minutes fly
This beat is inevitably going to pulse in your ear
But it’ll only happen once so record what you hear
Before people never use to think about getting fat
Now Americans take speed filled pills and smoke crack
The poor person’s entertainment is prescription pills
And the middle class crack is drooling over the show the hills
A fat persons’ exercise is lifting up the remote
To watch Christians persecute gays and recite biblical quotes
While the invisible men are pushing us slavery made devices
And smuggling drugs into our country for black market prices
Remember you always get what you pay for
When you buy slave made products at the retail store
Slaves who are trapped by the same people that make sex a commodity
Who steal your money in our consumer based economy
Leaving everyone in their path raped
Making sure all your actions are video taped
Before their invisible hand comes in to take you
They make sure there’s no way left they can rape you!

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