Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Patriarchy

Growing up as a male it took a while to realize
That I live in a culture where men are always on top
And women aren’t suppose to question why men have more power
Men don’t see the truth because the media blinds them more by the hour
And ignorant people sit by thinking everything is alright
Well its not you stupid fucks otherwise there wouldn’t be this fight!
A struggle of power that shines brighter every day
Clearing away the old ignorance for equal rights and equal pay
If too much power is obtained by some then it can corrupt them all
A seeing eye that won’t let us see but will let us fall.
So when someone asks you do you believe in equal rights?
If you truly think so then you are a feminist for life!
3 percent of babies are born both male and female
The government hides this to make the patriarchy harder to derail
We buy into their propaganda and ideas of how we are suppose to be
Because it’s easier to go along with it then be who we want to be!
Having male genitalia doesn’t make you any better
It’s just like when white American’s were plantation slave masters
One group being oppressed by another
Both sexes being controlled by big brother
Illusions put in place to make everything seem right
To allow men to exploit women every day and night!
Tell me what seems fair about men getting paid more
Or women selling their bodies and becoming disease infested whores?
There is no justification to male dominancy
And if you think this is a lie then ask why you can’t see?!
Because the only reason you would have a problem with this
Is if you think this threatens your idea of manliness
For once stop thinking about only yourself
And think about making life better for everyone else

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