Thursday, December 17, 2009


It’s been decades since I was brought into this world
And many more years since revolution’s had its’ turn
Because there are still people too blind to see
That our system teaches us a self fulfilling prophecy
The majority of people buy into the same type of propaganda
That Hitler and Stalin used as racist commanders
But now it’s called something else by those who use it
They changed the name to television so don’t confuse it
They show subliminal messages of racism, hate, and greed
As the bright lights dilate your pupils to see
What they want us to think is right and the norm
But it’s a type of control that they’ve formed
Starting from birth we are taught to play a role
We are told its natural but it’s really for control
Take some time to look back to our history and other cultures
You’ll see a variety of genders and different colored lovers
You see the worlds never been just black and white
And this country is not an exception so get it right
Studies show poverty brings crime in on its back
So to blame a race for it we know that shit is whack
In the 1800s Native Americans lost most of their land
And were encouraged to enslave some Africans
And Adopt European Christian ethics
In order to save their lives and be protected
Learned how to pick and choose
Which bible verses to follow and which ones to lose
Just like the southerners who took lives and also worshiped Christ
Shot the heads off kids and didn’t think twice
So remember when you fools are praying to your man made god
Of all the innocent people who suffered and died.

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