Thursday, December 31, 2009

FEAR pt. 1

Can you see how our fears are organized and specified?
We are taught to live life by the standards of lies
They make us fear what’s going on in our streets
So that we will forget about the injustice in the Middle East
Women walking to their cars are so afraid of blacks
That they carry anti rape weapons prepared for attack
The truth is most women are raped by family or a friend
So on the streets is not where the problem begins
Just like cancer sources are already recognized
It’s the products of those who manufacture the lies
They tell us to fear what is not the truth
So they can sell us their story as a substitute
How long will we wait to get an answer to why
We live in fear till the day we die
I’m sick of all the fake revolutionaries getting in my way
Telling me to chill and wait another day
We‘ve done enough waiting and we can get the answers now
It takes all of us to take back the power!
It takes all of us to start to understand
That with every commercial there’s a hidden plan
The common folk would begin to revolutionize
And strip away the pollution from within their minds
The fear for years that has been holding them back
Will become nothing more than fuel for their attack
And those who sit back and watch will not be glorified
Shit you’d be lucky live the rest of your life
Because the fear that stopped you from the start
Will begin to rip your corrupted soul apart!

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