Tuesday, February 23, 2010


sighing instead of crying will never suffice
for every person who is emotionally crippled will die not once but twice.
Once, the day their mind crumbles under societal pressures,
oppressors stop pulling down their psychological levers,
stop using them for a resting place for your heavy hand,
let them be free! they are able to withstand.
or maybe, just maybe it was their own choice,
they came to a split in the road and took the one with no voice.
the path of least resistance some might call it
more like the path of oppression which we're all fronted.
Twice, is the day when they can no longer go on,
they look back to see they were just a pawn.
"How could it be that I never broke from my role?"
maybe it was because of all that bullshit you learned in school.
Cant you see the time is now to pull the plug!?
the plug that resembles chains in which we tug.
This invisible force that keeps us down
and when seen can be most profound.
It must be destroyed, we must be freed,
some be weaned, some must lead,
with every blink of the eye our minds secede
So cut the cord and let the bullshit bleed!


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